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On Inequality
On the Eurozone Debt Crisis
On Monetary Policy and Central Banking
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On the Greek Debt Crisis
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On Global Inflation
On Currencies
On the US Debt
On the "Economics" of the Arab Spring
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360o Econ View  is a digital newsletter published three times a week that identifies and monitors the most important current economic issues.  We track the Eurozone Debt Crisis, Global Economic Growth, the US Debt and Inflation through commentaries and analysis from Economic Think Tanks, Central Banks and International Organizations worldwide, economists' blogs and academic research.  This multidimensional approach allows us to present a comprehensive view of the issues and the corresponding debates.

In addition, 360o Econ View enables members of the e-axes community, all academic economists, to present their views and their research to a broader audience.  Information about forthcoming conferences and recently published books in economics is also included.  

More than 15,000 economists from all over the world are reading our newsletter three times a week:

“I religiously go through your selection each week since I do not have time to go through different articles that are published all over the world. Your selection makes my life simpler and allows me to keep abreast of latest developments in economics, politics and international relations.”

Asit K. Biswas - Distinguished Visiting Professor, National University of Singapore


“I like the focused nature of e-axes. Instead of sending links to a flow of unrelated papers, the editors go to the trouble of finding 3-4 papers on a single, typically very topical and policy relevant, issue. That is really useful.”

Stefan Gerlach - Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Ireland

“I find your listings very useful and congratulate you on providing such a fine service to the world of economists.” 

Herbert G. Grubel - Simon Fraser University


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