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Aging Asia



  • Challenges and Opportunities in the Era of Population Aging (Dowload here)
    KIM Jeung-Kun
    Despite including some of the most populous nations in the world, East Asia’s demographic future has become one of population decline. Three out of every ten elderly people will be East Asian by 2035. Low rates of childbirth and changing cultural obligations toward parents require novel solutions, including the development of new “senior friendly” industries.


  • The Impact of China’s Aging Population (Dowload here)
    Muqun Li
    China is like its Asian neighbors in that it is aging rapidly, and will soon face a declining workforce, and increasing labor and healthcare costs. Unlike its neighbors, however, China is facing a future where it may become old before it becomes rich. China needs to prepare for its future as an aging society by revamping its healthcare industry and looking for opportunities among senior consumers.

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