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"Architects of Growth? Sub-national Governments and Industrialization in Asia" edited by Francis E Hutchinson

From the bookstore of the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies:

Once acting as local representatives of the national government and content to let their larger counterparts do the "heavy lifting", state and provincial governments are increasingly expected to be stewards of their economies and deliver sustained growth rates for their citizens. Spurred on by increasing competition, not least from neighbouring territories, sub-national governments are increasingly formulating their own plans for economic development, taking out loans, investing in specialist facilities, and establishing marketing offices abroad.

Despite this increasingly challenging environment, there is little research on what sub-national governments can or should do to catalyze the development of their economies. Focussing on the electronics sector, this book draws together ten cases of promising states or provinces largely, but not exclusively, from Asia. These dynamic regions have managed to outcompete the primary economic and political centres of power in their countries and are negotiating their own entry into one of the most challenging and demanding sectors. In exploring the issues of agency, autonomy, and state-business relations at the sub-national level, this book aims to shed light on a vital, but overlooked topic.

Francis Hutchinson is a Fellow and the Coordinator of the Regional Economic Studies Programme at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS). His research focuses on innovation, industrialization, federalism, decentralization, and economic policy-making at the sub-national level in the Southeast Asian region. Dr. Hutchinson is the Managing Editor of the Journal of Southeast Asian Economies, and has published on sub-national issues in Malaysia and India in the Journal of Contemporary Asia, Southeast Asian Affairs and Economic and Political Weekly.


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“The clustering of high-tech manufacturing in urban centres enjoying agglomeration, early mover and locational advantages, is highlighting the vital developmental role of sub-national governments. By analysing the experience of a number of mainly East Asian cities, this volume deepens our understanding of how and where the electronics industry took root and flourished under a variety of national policy environments and in response to sub-national initiatives frequently constrained by limited resources and a lack of policy autonomy. It is a must read for students of urban industrialization, planners wanting to sharpen the edge of policy instruments, and specialists seeking insights from this fresh look at the East Asian evidence.” --Shahid Yusuf, Chief Economist, Growth Dialogue, George Washington University, Washington D.C.

“Using ten case studies on the electronics industry, this book brings out an incisive account of the role sub-national governments should play to promote economic development. The book shows convincingly how dynamic regions outwork and outplay the central power locations in their countries to support their dynamic integration into the regional and global economy. This is a wonderful book that offers evidence to show how local actors and regions can participate in the globalization process.”--Rajah Rasiah, Chair Professor of Regulatory Studies, University of Malaya

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