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Banking, Monetary Policy And The Political Economy of Financial Regulation

author Author(s): Gerald A. Epstein , Tom Schlesinger , Matías Vernengo   
publisher Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

The many forces that led to the economic crisis of 2008 were in fact identified, analyzed and warned against for many years before the crisis by economist Jane D’Arista, among others. Now, writing in the tradition of D’Arista's extensive work, the internationally renowned contributors to this thought-provoking book discuss research carried out on various indicators of the crisis and illustrate how these perspectives can contribute to productive thinking on monetary and financial policies.

Topics addressed include monetary policy, financial markets, financial history, liquidity, institutions and global finance, with an emphasis on the ways in which theory and policy can be applied toward the goal of a more equitable and civilized society. The book’s contributors hail from across the globe and offer a range of both academic and policy-making perspectives. 

Gerald A. Epstein, Professor of Economics and Co-Director, Political Economy Research Institute (PERI), University of Massachusetts, Amherst, US,

Tom Schlesinger, formerly at Financial Markets Center.

Matías Vernengo, Associate Professor, Bucknell University.

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