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"China’s Urbanization And The World Economy" by Fan Zhang

From Edward Elgar Publishing:

This innovative book places China’s urbanization within a broader global context, including a detailed estimate of China’s total domestic market and its impact on the world economy.

Urbanization has become a new driving force in China’s development. Through China's urbanization process, China’s role in the world economy will change from the world’s major workshop to one of the world’s central markets. The increase in demand triggered by urbanization has created a tremendous impact in the international market, changing China’s international trade patterns, foreign investment and exchange rate. The success of China’s urbanization depends on a group of intertwined economic and political reforms, the vision and determinedness of the leadership, cooperation and opposition of the local government, and the attitude of society. This book focuses on the logic and contradictions of China’s urbanization and its future, its impact on the world economy, and the policy tradeoffs the Chinese leadership face.

Fan Zhang, National School of Development, Peking University, China

China's Urbanization and the World Economy from Amazon.com

China's Urbanization and the World Economy from Amazon.co.uk

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