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China's Economic Rise and Its Global Impact

author Author(s): Ken Moak, Miles W.N. Lee   
publisher Publisher: Palgrave - MacMillan

The economic rise of China has had an unprecedented global impact, but its rapid trajectory has left many questions about the causes of China's success and whether it is sustainable. Through a comprehensive analysis of China's recent history and economic development process, the authors of this book demonstrate that China's economic 'miracle' is the result of pragmatic and well thought out policies implemented in an effective and timely manner. They also provide insight into how China's continued economic rise will affect the rest of the world. Topics of analysis include why Communism first won out in China, pragmatic and authoritarian leadership, and post-Cultural Revolution development strategies.


Ken Moak is an Economics professor at Capilano University, Canada.

Miles W.N. Lee is Senior Research Fellow, China Development Institute, China

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