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Most sweeping change in currency policy in the world in decades by Natasha Sarin and Lawrence H. Summers
Thu, 2016-12-01 03:43

Demonetization Dos and Don’ts by Gita Gopinath
Thu, 2016-12-01 03:11

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government is targeting the "black money" associated with tax evasion, corruption, and counterfeiting, and thus the drug traffickers, smugglers, and terrorists who engage in those activities. But, by moving too quickly, the government seems to be causing collateral damage to India's economy.

India’s Currency Cancellation: Seigniorage and Cantillon Effects by Larry White
Thu, 2016-12-01 03:05

Rajan on cash transfers and corruption by John Cochrane
Thu, 2016-06-23 05:40

India’s Economy after Rajan by Gita Gopinath
Thu, 2016-06-23 05:19

Raghuram Rajan’s decision not to seek a second term as Governor of India’s central bank was met with shock from many observers. While Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government certainly had its problems with Rajan, few believed that the government would take a step that so clearly undermines India’s interests.

Make in India: Which Exports Can Drive the Next Wave of Growth? by By Rahul Anand, Kalpana Kochhar, and Saurabh Mishra
Thu, 2016-05-12 06:50

The question of India’s inequality by Branko Milanovic
Thu, 2016-05-12 06:29

Development and Equity by Amit Bhaduri
Mon, 2016-04-04 14:04

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