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Should some countries cease to exist? by Branko Milanovic
Mon, 2017-01-23 23:26

How To Make Universal Basic Income A Reality by Stewart Lansley and Howard Reed
Wed, 2016-12-14 22:00

Would the payment of a regular income to every citizen work? Would it be a viable step towards reforming the current benefits system? Drawing on a recent report, Stewart Lansley and Howard Reed explain how such a scheme could be made to work.


Fish and (micro)chips: Why I’m relatively relaxed about robots by John Lewis
Wed, 2016-12-07 01:14

The Skills Delusion by Adair Turner
Wed, 2016-12-07 01:07

Everybody agrees that better education and improved skills, for as many people as possible, is crucial to increasing productivity and living standards and to tackling rising inequality. But what if everybody is wrong?

When Jobs Disappear by Columbia Business School
Wed, 2016-12-07 00:53
As technology changes the future of employment, radical solutions may be necessary, said panelists at a recent Richman Center event.

Deconstructing Branko Milanovic’s “Elephant Chart”: Does It Show What Everyone Thinks? by Caroline Freund
Tue, 2016-12-06 05:07

Trade and Manufacturing Employment: No Real Disagreement by Paul Krugman
Tue, 2016-12-06 04:40

Robot Macroeconomics: What can theory and several centuries of economic history teach us? by John Lewis
Wed, 2016-09-14 08:13

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