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"Greekonomics The Euro Crisis and why Politicians Don't Get It" by Vicky Pryce

From Biteback Publishing:

The eurozone is in crisis. Spiralling debts, defaulting banks, high unemployment; the European dream of a united union appears to be over. All fingers point to the corrupt and greedy PIIGs: Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain. Profligate governments have exploited the system, squandered the benefits and now beg for bail-outs from those that prosper. But is it really that simple?

Economist Vicky Pryce argues that, given the flaws at its conception, the eurozone has been doomed from the very start. Politicians ignored common sense and deliberately created a system based on political not economic motives. They failed to provide firewalls for inevitable crises and placed little emphasis on practical structural reforms for the countries that needed them. It was a recipe for disaster and Europe now reaps the whirlwind.

Is it time for a Greek exit? Focusing on Greece – not only her home country but perceived as the main threat to the euro’s survival – Pryce explores the history of the eurozone, the causes of the crisis and, damning the proposed official solutions as counterproductive, suggests a way out of the current mess.

Vicky Pryce is an economist, and former Joint head of the United Kingdom’s government economic service.

"Greekonomics: The Euro crisis and why politicians don't get it" from Amazon.co.uk

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