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"Jobs and Growth: Supporting the European Recovery' by the IMF

The IMF Book “Jobs and Growth: Supporting the European Recovery” launched at the European Policy Center (EPC) on Tuesday January 28th in Brussels. IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde introduced the session followed by response and comments by Wolfgang Schäuble, Finance Minister of Germany, and Luis de Guindos, Minister of Economy and Competitiveness of Spain. The event was chaired by Fabian Zuleeg, EPC Chief Executive.

The book looks at key aspects needed to lead Europe out of its crisis seizing its growth potential and creating new jobs. The analytical work by IMF staff identifies key challenges to boosting growth and employment over the medium-term and describes a roadmap for policymakers for tackling them. The focus will be on the implications of deleveraging for growth, on labor markets, and on how structural reforms can help countries to find new sources of growth, including by tapping into international supply chains. How can Europe continue its recovery in a sustainable way and avoid the mistakes of the past? What are the most promising areas of reform that will allow Europe’s diverse regions to compete globally? By what means can policymakers successfully tackle the persistently high unemployment in some of its Member States?

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