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Proceedings from "20th Annual Hyman P. Minsky Conference on the State of the US and World Economies"

This year’s Minsky conference marks the Levy Institute’s 25 anniversary, and the third year of the Ford–Levy joint initiative on reforming global financial governance. This initiative aims to examine financial instability and reregulation within the theoretical framework of Minsky’s work on financial crises. Minsky was convinced that a program of financial reform must be based on a critique of the existing system that identifies not only what went wrong, but also why it happened. Speakers addressed the ongoing effects of the global financial crisis on the real economy, and examined proposed as well as recently enacted policy responses. Should ending too-big-to-fail be the cornerstone of reform? Do the markets’ pursuit of self-interest generate real societal benefits? Is financial sector growth actually good for the real economy? Will the recently passed US financial reform bill make the entire financial system, not only the banks, safer?


1. The Ford–Levy Institute Project on Financial Instability and the 148 Reregulation of Financial Institutions and Markets
2. Financial Journalism and Financial Reform: What’s Missing from the Headlines? 155
3. Swaps Regulation 159
4. Financial Reform and the GATS: Challenges and Opportunities 164
5. Fiscal Constraints and Macro Perspectives 169
6. Reregulating the US Financial System: Beyond Dodd-Frank

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