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Proceedings from CESifo Area Conference on Employment and Social Protection 2014


Culture and Taxes: Towards Identifying Tax Com-petetion
BEATRIX EUGSTER, Raphael Parchet 
University of St. Gallen-University of Lausanne & University of Basel
Does Mandated Political Representa-tion Help the Poor? Theory and Evidence from India
University of Oslo
Consumers' Complaints, the Nature of Corruption, and Social Welfare
University of Guelph
Targeting Prolific Offenders to Reduce Crime: Theory and Evidence from the UK and Sweden
Olivier Marie, Steven Machin, MIKAEL PRIKS 
Stockholm University
On the Tagging Role of Minimum Wage Rules
TOMER BLUMKIN and Leif Danziger
 Ben-Gurion University
The Intergenerational Transfer of the Employment Gender Gap
MARI REGE, Venke Furre Haaland, Kjetil Telle and Mark Votruba
University of Stavangar
Thumbscrews for Agencies or for Individuals? How to Reduce Unemployment
ANDREY LAUNOV and Klaus Wälde
University of Mainz
Trade Union Membership and Paid Vacation in Germany
LASZLO GOERKE, Sabrina Jeworrek and Markus Pannenberg
University of Trier- University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld
Coping with Job Loss: New Evidence from Household Survey Data
RICHARD UPWARD and Peter Wright
University of Nottingham
Mass Migration and the Development of the American Schooling System
IMRAN RASUL, Oriana Bandiera, Myra Mohnen and Martina Viarengo
University College London
Intergenerational Transmission of Unemployment - Evidence for German Sons
Miriam Mäder, Steffen Müller, REGINA RIPHAHN and Caroline Schwientek
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
International Migration of Couples
Eva Schliephake and F. Buck
Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg-Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich
Regulatory Capture by Sophistication
Martin Junge, Martin D. Munk, and PANU POUTVAARA 
University of Munich and the Ifo Institute
Structural Reforms and their Effects: Evidence for the European Union
Hasselt University
Suffering from Income Support: Stigma and Workers' Well-being
Clemens Hetschko, RONNIE SCHÖB  and Tobias Wolf
Free University of Berlin
The Dynamic Effects of Works Coun-cils on Labor Productivity: First Evidence from Panel Data
STEFFEN MÜLLER and Jens Stegmaier
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Globalization and Welfare: The Role of Social-Protection
University of California-Irvine

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