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Proceedings from Conference on “‎2nd MoFiR workshop on banking”



·          Credit Supply During a Sovereign Crisis    

Marcello Bofondi, Luisa Carpinelli and Enrico Sette, Bank of Italy


·          Aggregate Uncertainty and the Supply of Credit 

        Fabian Valencia, IMF

 Jeanne Verrier, Johns Hopkins University


·          Relationship and Transaction Lending in a Crisis

Patrick Bolton, Columbia University

Xavier Freixas,  Universitat  Pompeu Fabra

Leonardo Gambacorta,  BIS

 Paolo Emilio, Bank of Italy


·          Microfinance, Poverty and Education

Britta Augsburg,  Institute for Fiscal Studies

Ralph De Haas,  EBRD

Heike Harmgart , EBRD

Costas Meghir,  Yale University


·          Contagious Bank Runs: Experimental Evidence

Martin Brown,  University of St Gallen

Stefan T. Trautmann,  Tilburg University

 Razvan Vlahu,  Der Nederlandsche Bank


·          Liquidity risk in banking: is there herding?

Diana Bonfim, Banco de Portugal

 Moshe Kim, University of Haifa


·         The impact of sovereign debt exposure on bank lending: Evidence from the European debt crisis

Alexander Popov,  ECB

 Neeltje Van Horen, Der Nederlandsche Bank


·          The "Greatest" Carry Trade Ever? Understanding Eurozone Bank Risks

Viral V. Acharya,  New York University

 Sascha Steffen, European School of Management and Technology


·         Financial Integration: Lessons from the US

Philip E. Strahan,  Boston College


·          Suffrage Institutions and Financial Development: Does the Middle Class Have a Say? 

        Hans Degryse, Tilburg University

        Thomas Lambert,  Université catholique de Louvain

        Armin Schwienbacher, Université Lille Nord de France


·          Bank Size Heterogeneity and Small Business Finance

Daniel Heddergott and Joerg Laitenberger, Martin-Luther-Universitat Halle-Wittenberg


·          Foreigners vs. Natives: Bank Lending Technologies and Loan Pricing

Thorsten Beck, Vasso Ioannidou and Larissa Schafer,  Tilburg University


·          Deposit Insurance Adoption and Bank Risk-Taking: The Role of Leverage

Mathias Lé, Paris school of Economics



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