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Proceedings from Conference “Macroeconomic and Financial Vulnerability Indicators in Advanced Economies”



  • Defining Integrated Risk Scenarios to Identify Financial Vulnerabilities 

          Heiko HesseFerhan Salman, International Monetary Fund, Christian Schmieder, Bank for International Settlement 


         Frédéric BoissayFrank Smets, European Central Bank, Fabrice Collard, University of Bern 


  • Macroprudential policy indicators for the UK

         Henrik AndersenChristian CastroMarc FaragJulia Giese, Bank of England


  • Liquidity Shocks, Bank Balance Sheets, and International Lending During the 2007–08 Crisis 

         Camelia Minoiu, International Monetary Fund, Tümer Kaplan, Fannie Mae


  •  The determinants of sovereign bond yield spreads in the EMU 

         Antonio Afonso, Technical University of Lisbon, Michael Arghyrou, Cardiff Business School, Alexandros Kontonikas, University of Glasgow 


         Mark CarlsonKurt LewisWilliam Nelson, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve system 


         Nadya Jahn, University of Münster, Thomas Kick, Deutsche Bundesbank


         Alessandro Conciarelli, Banca d’Italia


        Christian Kastrop, Werner Ebert, Stefanie Wolff-Hamacher, Sarah Ciaglia, German Ministry of Finance, Berlin 


         Marcel AloyAnne Péguin-Feissolle, Aix-Marseille Université, Gilles Dufrénot Banque de France, CEPII, Aix-Marseille Université 


          Declan CostelloJonas Fischer, European Commission


         Gildas LaméMatthieu LequienPierre-Alain Pionnier, INSEE 


         Cristina Checherita-WestphalPhilipp Rother, European Central Bank, Andrew Hughes Hallet, George Mason University 


         Jan Babecký, Tomáš Havránek, Jakub Matějů, Marek Rusnák, Kateřina Šmídková, Bořek Vašíček, Czech National Bank 


         Andrea Schaechter et al., International Monetary Fund

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