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Proceedings from Conference on “Reforming EU Fiscal Governance”

          Carolin Nerlich (European Central Bank), Wolf Heinrich Reuter (Vienna University of

          Economics and Business)


         Lars P. Feld (Walter Eucken Institut and University of Freiburg), Alexander Kalb (BayernLB),

         Marc-Daniel Moessinger (ZEW Mannheim), Steffen Osterloh (German Council of Economic Experts)


         Sebastian Barnes, David Davidsson, Łukasz Rawdanowicz (Organisation for Economic Co-operation

         and Development)


  • The New EU Fiscal Governance Framework: a Quantum Leap or Only Small Steps Ahead?

          Gerrit Koester, Philipp Mohl, Ad van Riet (European Central Bank)


         Christian Kastrop, Johannes Scheube, Ludger Schuknecht (Federal Ministry of Finance, Germany)


  • Fiscal Unions

         Emmanuel Farhi (Harvard University), Iván Werning (MIT)


  • The Euro Area Crisis: Need for a Supranational Fiscal Risk Sharing Mechanism?

         Davide Furceri, Aleksandra Zdzienicka (International Monetary Fund)


  • Toward a Fiscal Union for the Euro Area: Why and How?

         Céline Allard (International Monetary Fund)


         Alan J. Auerbach (University of California, Berkeley)

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