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Proceedings from Conference "The 6th Biennial HO PhD Symposium on Contemporary Greece and Cyprus"


Sudden Stops in the Eurozone; The Greek Case.      
Dimakopoulou Vasiliki-Eirini      
Athens University of Economics      
Culture and Economy: The role of culture in the history of economic thought.      
Giannadaki Giouli      
University of Crete      
Financialisation and Greece: another Greek exceptionalism?       
Politof Cleo      
Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, Greece      
Keynes and the Eurozone’s Crisis      
Maris Georgios      
University of Peloponnese, Greece      
Creating Markets out of Nothing: The Case of the Continuing Education System in Greece.      
Ioannidis Yiorgos      
University of Crete, Greece      
Economic Crises and Dynamics of Policy Change in Reactive States: A Comparative Political Economy of Greece and Turkey.    
Kutlay Mustafa      
Koç University, Turkey      
'Unionist Corporate Governance’ in Greece.      
Papadopoulos Theocharis & Triantopoulos Christos      
Athens University of Economics and Business      
Economic and Cultural Diplomacy at the grassroots level.       
Briana Maria      
Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, Greece      
Greek Geopolitical Imperatives in the Western Balkans.      
Zelikson Denis      
State University - Higher School of Economics, Russia      
Formal and informal civil society associations in Greece: two sides of the same coin?      
Loukidou Katerina      
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens      
The Gift of the Monks and the Economic Avaton of Athos.      
Paganopoulos Michelangelo      
Goldsmiths, University of London      
Spaces of Resistance - Perceptions and Practices in the Cracks of 'Capitalism in Crisis'.       
Philipp Carolin      
University of Kassel, Germany & Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences      
Mediating Among the Elites and Grassroots: Explaining Differential Community Support in the Good Friday Agreement and the Annan Plan Referendums.     
Amaral Joana      
University of Kent      
Postcolonial Communication: Mediating Cyprus Partition.        
Avraamidou Maria      
Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus      
Local Political Responses to European Integration: The case of North Cyprus.      
Beysoylu Cemaliye      
University of Leeds      
Unification or Partition - Lessons from Bosnia for Cyprus.      
Kacziba Peter      
University of Pecs, Hungary & University of Macedonia      
The Arts Sector in Greece: literature review on revenue diversification.      
Armaou Ermophily      
University of Macedonia, Greece      
The determinants of households’ savings during recession: Evidence from Greece.      
Kostakis Ioannis      
Harokopio University of Athens      
Illustrating creativity’s role on female entrepreneurship in Greece.      
Mylonas Naoum      
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece      
Greek politics and culture: The main Greek (political) subcultures.      
Diakoumakos George      
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens      
The Good Guys, the Bad Guys and the Ugly Debt: The Eurozone Crisis and the Politics of Blaming.      
Ntampoudi Ioanna      
Aston University, UK      
Orientalization of Greece’s Crisis.      
Selmic Radman      
Goldsmiths, University of London, UK      
Between Greece and Turkey: Migration Patterns of Western Thracian Minority.      
Chousein Sule      
Bogazici University, Turkey      
Mixed Muslim-Christian couples in Greece: To convert or not to convert?      
Papadopoulou Dora      
Middlesex University, UK      
Multiple Pluralities, Islamic minority legal orders in Greece: the case of Thrace.      
Velivasaki Eleni      
University of Macedonia, Greece      
Analyzing the EU impact on Greek environmental policy: between external pressure and domestic peculiarities.      
Manolis Ioannis      
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens      
The CSR Public Policy in European Union and Greece.      
Taliouris Vagelis      
University of Crete      
Veto Players and Corruption in the EU.      
Zafeiropoulos Anastasios      
Athens University of Business and Economics      
Local Governance Actors in Times of Economic Crisis: Evidence from the Republic of Cyprus.      
Kirlappos Andreas      
University of Cyprus      
Levels of Human Capital, Gender Education and Foreign Direct Investment in Greece and Cyprus: New Empirical Tests.    
Pantelopoulos George      
University of Peloponnese, Greece      
Cost economies and market power in the Greek food industry.      
Balfousia Panagiota      
Athens University of Business and Economics      
Liquidity creation through M&As. A viable solution for vulnerable banking systems? Evidence from a stress test under a PVAR methodology.    
Baltas Konstantinos      
Queen Mary University, UK      
Forecasting sales and intervention analysis of durable products in the Greek market. Empirical evidence from the new car retail sector.    
Voulgaraki Maria      
University of Crete, Greece      
The myth of Europa: Greek Nation-state, Europeanisation and European Identity.      
Borreca Raffaele      
University of Peloponnese, Greece      
Lining a comparative analysis of post-cold war migration policies of liberal democratic states.      
Bousiou Alexandra      
National and Kapodistrian of Athens      
Greece and the Common European Asylum System.      
Koutsouraki Eleni      
Université Panthéon-Assas Paris II. “Cotutelle”, France & Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, Greece    
The Rise of Extreme Right in Europe: The Case of Greece.      
Cakmak Gizem & Postaci Asli      
Yeditepe University, Turkey       
Cycles of Protests and the ‘Rise of the Extremes’: Political Violence in Greece in the Era of the Economic Crisis.      
Karampampas Sotirios      
University of Sheffield, UK      
Reforming the Hospitals in Greece: An integrated framework for improving the health care services in an Emergency Department.    
Manolitzas Panagiotis      
Technical University of Crete, Greece      
The impact of economic recession in Greece on welfare rights.      
Tzagkarakis Stelios & Kamekis Apostolos      
University of Crete, Greece      
Revisiting human right in occupation: the European Court of Human Rights in Cyprus.      
Emmanouilidou Panagiota      
University of Strasbourg, France & Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, Greece      
Going back to the basics: re-examining the usefulness of judicially protecting the right to property in Cyprus.      
Hadjigeorgiou Nasia      
King’s College London, UK      
Bicommunal Constitutionalism to Multicultural Citizenship.        
Iordanou George      
University of Warwick, UK      
Greek Leftist Foreign Policy or A Pie in the Sky: United Democratic Left and The Cyprus Question.       
Christofis Nikos      
Leiden University, The Netherlands      
The 'Israel-Cyprus-Greece' ‘Axis’ and Turkey: Prospects and Challenges.       
Tziarras Zenonas      
University of Warwick, UK      
Poverty at the local level: The case of Athens.       
Petraki Maria      
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece      
Urban Transformations in times of crisis. Eleonas as a case study.      
Tsadari Sofia      
National Technical University of Athens, Greece      
The psychosocial dimension of volunteering in mental health.      
Kountouras Georgios      
Democritus University of Thrace, Greece      
Victim-offender mediation in the Greek juvenile justice system: The Greek legislation in the light of restorative justice theory.    
Panagos Konstantinos      
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens      
Developing on the fast track: Economic change and regional policy in Greece (1993-2010).      
Drakaki Elina      
University of Crete, Greece      
Local Government Institutional Reforms and Cooperation among Local Actors: The Case of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.    
Ioannidis Panagiotis      
Democritus University of Thrace, Greece      
The European Cohesion Policy and its Implementation in Greece.      
Oikonomou George      
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens      
Between the Islands and the Mainland: The Economic Relations of the Dodecanese with Turkey in the Interwar Period.    
Papuccular Hazal      
Bogazici University, Turkey      
Their ‘Apple of Discord’ or the Apple of Their Eye: How Greece helped the British to Secure Eastern Mediterranean and Western European Security, 1947-1948.      
Paravantes Spero      
University of Macedonia, Greece      
Cultural Propaganda and the Project of the British University in Cyprus.       
Xypolia Ilia      
Keele University, UK      

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