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Proceedings from Conference "After (?) the Storm: Lessons from the Great Recession "


         Fidrmuc, Jan* (Brunel University) and Ariane Tichit (University of Auvergne)


         Kenny, Geoff and Julian Morgan* (ECB)


  • Mismatch Shocks, Vacancies and Unemployment (work in progress)

          Furlanetto, Francesco (Norges Bank) and Nicolas Groshenny (Reserve Bank of New Zealand)


          Ascari, Guido (University of Pavia), Nicola Branzoli (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and  Efrem Castelnuovo* (University of Padova and Bank of Finland)


         Charpe, Matthew and Stefan Kühn* (ILO)


         Charpe, Matthew and Stefan Kühn* (ILO)


         Brzoza-Brzezina, Michał and Marcin Kolasa* (National Bank of Poland and Warsaw School of Economics)




  • Inflation Targeting, Price-Level Targeting, the Zero Lower Bound, and Indeterminacy  (work in progress)

         Ambler, Steve* (UQAM, CIRPEE and Rimini Centre for Economic Analysis) and Jean-Paul Lam (University of Waterloo and Rimini Centre for Economic Analysis)


  • Bank leverage shocks and the macroeconomy: a new look in a data-rich environment     (work in progress)

         Jean-Stephane Mesonnier and Dalibor Stevanovic* (UQAM)


         Bofinger Peter, Sebastian Debes, Johannes Gareis and Eric Mayer (University  of Wuerzburg)


         Eric Olson* (Pepperdine University) and Walter Enders (University of Alabama)


         Aboura, Sofiane (Université de Paris-Dauphine)


  • Bubbles and Public Debt in a Simple Macroeconomic Model with Financial Constraints (work in progress)

         Guillard, Michel and Sebastien Langlois (EPEE, Université d.Evry)


         Olszewski, Krzysztof (National Bank of Poland)



         Costain, James (Banco de España) and Beatriz de Blas* (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)


         Fahrholz, Christian (Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena) and Cezary Wójcik (CESifo, Polish Academy of Sciences and Warsaw School of Economics)


  • Debt, Assets and Imbalances in the Euro Area: An Urgent Call for Rebalancing Instead of Deleveraging (work in progress)

         Van Nieuwenhuyze, Christophe (National Bank of Belgium)


         Korniluk, Dominik (Ministry of Finance, Poland)


         Luigi Marattin University of Bologna (Italy), Paolo Paesani University of Rome-Tor Vergata (Italy), Simone Salotti National University of Ireland Galway (Ireland)


         Potrafke, Niklas and Markus Reischmann (University of Munich ifo Institute)


         Schroth, Josef (EUI, UCLA)


         Amisano, Gianni* (Università degli Studi di Brescia, ECB and Rimini Centre for Economic Analysis) and Oreste Tristani (ECB)


        Caggiano, Giovanni and Luciano Greco (University of Padua)


         Mink, Mark and Jakob de Haan (University of Groningen)


         Van Aarle, Bas (Hasselt University) and Marcus Kappler* (ZEW)


  • Uncertainty and risk premium dynamics in financial markets 

         Gardini, Attilo and Luca de Angelis* (University of Bologna)


         Gimber, Andrew R. (EUI)


        Leoni, Patrick L. (EUROMED Management)


         Trani Tomasso, The Graduate Institute, Geneva

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