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Proceedings from Conference "Banks – how big is big enough? "


  • Too big to be efficient? The impact of implicit funding subsidies on scale economies in banking (work in progress)
    Richard Davies (Bank of England)
    Belinda Tracey (Bank of England)








  • “When the cat’s away the mice will play”: does regulation at home affect bank risk-taking abroad? (work in progress)
    Steven Ongena (Tilburg University and CEPR)
    Alexander Popov (European Central Bank)
    Gregory F Udell (Indiana University)


  • Banking and trading (work in progress)
    Arnoud Boot (University of Amsterdam and CEPR)
    Lev Ratnovski (International Monetary Fund)


  • Credit risk connectivity in the financial industry and stabilization effects of government bailouts (work in progress)
    Jakob J Bosma (University of Groningen)
    Michael Koetter (University of Groningen)
    Michael Wedow (Deutsche Bundesbank)


  • Measuring the systemic importance of interconnected banks(work in progress)
    Mathias Drehmann (Bank for International Settlements)
    Nikola Tarashev (Bank for International Settlements)


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