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Proceedings from "Conference Banque de France - TSE on “Bank liquidity, regulation, and transparency””


Monitoring and the acceptability of bank money
Regis Breton
Banque of France
Transparency in the Financial System: Rollover Risk and Crises
Mathieu Bouvard, Pierre Chaigneau, Adolfo de Motta
McGill University-HEC Montreal
The Microstructure of the Bond Market in the 20th Century
Bruno Biais, Richard C. Green
Toulouse School of Economics-Carnegie Mellon University
Bank risk taking and liquidity creation following regulatory interventions and capital support
Thomas Kick, Allen N. Berger, Christa H. S. Bouwman, Klaus Schaeck
Deutsche Bundesbank-Tilburg University-Case Western Reserve University-Bangor University
The Information Value of the Stress Test and Bank Opacity
Stavros Peristiani, Donald P. Morgan, Vanessa Savino
FRB New York
Mandatory supervisory disclosure, voluntary disclosure, and risk-taking of financial institutions: Evidence from the EU-wide stress-testing exercises
Holger Daske, Jannis Bischof 
University of Mannheim

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