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On Inequality
On the Eurozone Debt Crisis
On Monetary Policy and Central Banking
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On the Greek Debt Crisis
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On Global Inflation
On Currencies
On the US Debt
On the "Economics" of the Arab Spring
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Proceedings from the Conference "Debt and Credit, Growth and Crises"



          Óscar Jordá (UC Davis), Moritz Schularick (University of Berlin) and Alan M. Taylor (University of Virginia)

          Galo Nuño (ECB) and Carlos Thomas (Banco de España)


  • Household leverage and sovereign risk (work in progress)

          Philippe Martin (Science Po, Paris) and Thomas Philippon (New York University)


          Nicola Gennaioli (CREI Barcelona), Andrei Shleifer (Harvard University) and Robert Vishny (University of Chicago)


          Jaume Ventura and Alberto Martin (CREI, Barcelona)


          Maya Eden (World Bank)

          Ricardo Caballero (MIT)


          Sergio Schmukler (World Bank) and Claudio Raddatz (Banco Central de Chile)


          Marcel Fratzscher, Marco Lo Duca and Roland Straub (ECB)


          Carlos Vegh (University of Maryland), Pablo Federico (University of Maryland) and Guillermo Vuletin (Colby College)


          Javier Suárez (CEMFI) and David Martínez-Miera (Carlos III, Madrid)

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