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Proceedings from Conference on "Frameworks for Central Banking in the Next Century"

Monetary Policy with Interest on Reserves.
John Cochrane
University of Chicago
Deviations from Rules-Based Policy and Their Effects
Alex Nikolsko-Rzhevskyy, David
H. Papell, Ruxandra Prodan
Lehigh University-University
of Houston
Lessons from a Century of Fed Policy: Why Monetary
and Credit Policies Need Rules and Boundaries
Marvin Goodfriend
Carnegie Mellon University
Monetary Policy in the Midst of Big Shocks
Lee Ohanian
Institution, UCLA, & Arizona State University
The Design and Communication of Systematic Monetary
Policy Strategies
Andrew Levin
Rules for a Lender of Last Resort: An Historical
Michael Bordo
Rutgers University, Hoover
Monetary Policy in Open Economies: Practical
Perspectives for Pragmatic Central Bankers
Richard Clarida
Columbia University

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