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Proceedings from Conference "The Interaction between Monetary Policy and Financial Stability"

  • Leaning Against Boom-Bust Cycles in Credit and Housing Prices

         Luisa Lambertini, Caterina Mendicino, Maria Teresa Punzi
            EPFL-Bank of Portugal-Central Bank of Ecuador

         (Download paper here)


  • Macroeconomic Consequences of Different Types of Credit Market Disturbances and Non-Conventional Monetary Policy in the Euro Area

          Gert Peersman
          University of Gent

          (Download paper here)


  • Capital Regulation and Monetary Policy with fragile Banks

           Ignazio Angeloni, Ester Faia
           European Central Bank-Goethe University of Frankfurt

           (Download paper here)


  • Monetary Policy, Leverage and Bank Risk Taking

          Giovanni Dell’Ariccia, Luc Laeven, Robert Marquez
          International Monetary Fund-Boston University

          (Dowload paper here )


  • Changing Risk in Macroeconomics

          Philippe Bacchetta
          University of Lausanne

          (Work in Progress )


  • Countercyclical loan-to-value ratios and monetary policy

          Ian Christensen, Cesaire Meh
          Bank of Canada

          (Download paper here  )


  • Monetary policy and asset prices with news shocks and belief-driven fluctuations

          Marco Airaudo, Roberta Cardani, Kevin J. Lansing
          Drexel University-University of Parma-Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

          (Download paper here)


  • Financial Crisis and Macro-Prudential Policies

          Gianluca Benigno, Huigang Chen, Christopher Otrok, Alessandro Rebucci, Eric Young
          London School of Economics-JD Power-University of Virginia-Inter-American Development Bank-University of Virginia

          (Download paper here )


  • Hot Money and Serial Financial Crisis

          Anton Korinek         
          University of Maryland

          (Download paper here)


  • Learning and Asset Prices Bubbles

          Albert Marcet
          London School of Economics

          (Work in Progress)


  • Financial Frictions, the Financial Immoderation, and the Great Moderation

          Cristina Fuentes-Albero
          Rutgers University

          (Download paper here  )


  • The unreliability of credit-to-GDP ratio gaps in real time and the implications for countercyclical capital buffers

          Rochelle Edge, Ralf R. Meisenzahl         
          Federal Reserve Board

          (Download paper here)

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