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On Inequality
On the Eurozone Debt Crisis
On Monetary Policy and Central Banking
On Global Economic Growth
On the Greek Debt Crisis
On the Banking and Financial Sectors
On Brexit
On China
On India
On Global Inflation
On Currencies
On the US Debt
On the "Economics" of the Arab Spring
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Proceedings from Conference on "Macro, Money & International Finance"



  • Review of Theories of Financial Crises
    Itay Goldstein and ASSAF RAZIN  (work in progress)




  • Exploring the Long-Run Relationship between Budget and Current Account Balances: Eimpirical Evidence for EU and OECD Countries
    António Afonso and CHRISTOPHE RAULT (work in progress)



  • Interest Rate Pass-Through in the Euro Area, Macroeconomic Shocks and the Global Financial Crisis
    OLIVER HÜLSEWIG and Timo Wollmershäuser (work in progress)




  • Do Broken Speed Limits of Debt Predict Financial Crises?
    Kasper Kragh-Sorensen and GERNOT DOPPELHOFER (work in progress)





  • Flight to Where? Evidence from Bank Investments During the Financial Crisis
    Thomas Hildebrand, JÖRG ROCHOLL and Alexander Schulz (work in progress)



  • Markets' Beliefs about the Effectiveness of Non-Standard Monetary Policy Measures
    CARLO ALTAVILLA and Domenico Giannone (work in progress)






  • Exchange Rate Expectations of Chartists and Fundamentalists
    Christian D. Dick and LUKAS MENKHOFF (work in progress)



  • Resource Rents, Democracy and Corruption: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa
    Rabah Arezki and THORVALDUR GYLFASON (work in progress)








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