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Proceedings from Conference "Micro and Macro Perspectives on the Aggregate Labor Market"

  • Equilibrium Wage and Employment Dynamics in a Model of Wage Posting Without Commitment

           Melvyn Coles, Dale T. Mortensen
           University of Essex-Northwestern University

           (Download paper here)


  • Public Sector Wage Policy and Labor Market Equilibrium: a Structural Model

          Jake Bradley, Fabien Postel-Vinay, Helene Turon
          University of Bristol

          (Download paper here)


  • Sex and Marital Prospects: An Equilibrium Analysis

           John Kennes, John Knowles
           University of Aarhus

           (Download paper here)


  • Marriage and Labor Supply

          Nicolas Jacquemet, Jean-Marc Robin
          Paris School of Economics and University Paris 1 Panthéon–Sorbonne-Sciences Po, Paris and University College of London

          (Download paper here )


  • Will You "Quasi-marry" Me? The Rise of Cohabitation and Decline of Marriages

          E¤rosyni Adamopoulou    
          Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

          (Download paper here)


  • Marriage, Markets and Money: A Coasian Theory of Household Formation

          Kenneth Burdett, Mei Dong, Ling Sun, Randall Wright
          University of Pennsylvania-Bank of Canada-University of Toronto-University of Wisconsin

          (Download paper here )


  • Time Use During Recessions

          Mark Aguiar, Erik Hurst, Loukas Karabarbounis
          Princeton University-University of Chicago

          (Download paper here)


  • Optimal Unemployment Insurance Over the Business Cycle

          Camille Landais, Pascal Michaillat, Emmanuel Saez
          Stanford University-University of California, Berkeley-London School of Economics

          (Download paper here )


  • Worker Matching and Firm Value

          Espen R. Moen, Eran Yashiv,           
          Norwegian School of Management-Tel Aviv University

          (Download paper here)


  • Student and Teacher Attendance: The Role of Shared Goods in Reducing Absenteeism

          Ritwik Banerjee, Elizabeth King, Peter Orazem
          Aarhus University-World Bank-University of Iowa

          (Download paper here )


  • The Dynamics of Marriage and Divorce

          Gustaf Bruze, Michael Svarer,Yoram Weissa
          Aarhus University-Tel Aviv University

          (Download paper here)


  • Entrepreneurs, Managers and Inequality

          Sang Yoon (Tim) Lee
          University of Wisconsin-Madison

          (Download paper here )


  • Labor Supply, Aggregation and the Labor Wedge

          Jose Ignacio Lopez           
          HEC Paris

          (Download paper here)


  • On-the-job Search and Cyclical Unemployment: Crowding Out vs. Vacancy Effects

          Daniel Martin, Olivier Pierrard
          Clark University-Banque centrale du Luxembourg and Université catholique de Louvain

          (Download paper here  )


  • Return to Experience and Initial Wage Level: Do Low Wage Workers Catch Up?

          Kenneth L. Srenseny, Rune Vejliny
          Aarhus University

          (Download paper here )


  • Estimation of a Roy/Search/Compensating Differential Model of the Labor Market

          Christopher Taber, Rune Vejlin
          University of Wisconsin-Madison- Aarhus University

          (Download paper here )


  • Unemployment Dynamics and Wage Dispersion in a Model with Search and Human Capital Accumulation

          Gregory Veramendi
          Northwestern University

          (Download paper here)


  • Employment Fluctuations with a Persistent Nominal Wage Norm

          Robert E. Hall
          Stanford University

          (Download paper here  )


  • The Cyclical Behavior of Equilibrium Unemployment and Vacancies in the US and Europe

          Alejandro Justiniano, Claudio Michelacci
          Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago-CEMFI

          (Download paper here  )


  • Job Search, Labor Force Participation, and Wage Rigidities

          Robert Shimer
          University of Chicago

          (Download paper here )


  • Efficient Communication in Directed Search: Insights into the Non-essentiality of Commitment in (Labor) Market Games

          Kyungmin Kim, Philipp Kircher
          University of Iowa-London School of Economics

          (Download paper here)


  • Wage and Productivity Dispersion: The Roles of Rent Sharing, Labor Quality, and Capital Intensity

          Jesper Baggery, Bent Jesper Christensen,  Dale T. Mortensen
          Royal Holloway College-Aarhus University-Northwestern University

          (Download paper here)


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