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Proceedings from Conference "Supervising Banks in Complex Financial Systems"


Wishful Thinking or Effective Threat? Tightening Bank Resolution Regimes and Bank Risk-Taking    
Magdalena Ignatowski and Josef Korte    
Gothe University Frankfurt    
A Boom-Bust Business Cycle Model with Search-for-Yield and Heterogeneous Expectations in the Bond Market    
Carl Chiarella, Corrado Di Guilmi and Timo Henckel    
University of Technology, Sydney-National Australian University    
The multiplex structure of interbanknetworks    
Luigi Infante    
Bank of Italy    
Crisis Transmission in the Global Banking Network    
Galina Hale, Tümer Kapan and Camelia Minoiu    
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco-IMF    
Financial Disintermediation and Financial Fragility    
Kosuke Aoki and Kalin Nikolov    
University of Tokyo-ECB    
Appropriate Macroeconomic Policies for Complex Economies    
Giovanni Dosi    
Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa    
Liquidity Intermediation in the Euro Money Market    
Presentation by Stefan Reitz    
IfW and QBER, Kiel    
A Search Model of Bank Default    
Paper by Marlène Isoré    

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