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Proceedings from "Fifth Annual International Conference on the Chinese Economy”


Measuring Bank Competition in China: A Comparison of New Versus Conventional Approaches Applied to Loan Markets
Bing Xu, Adrian van Rixtel, Michiel van Leuvensteijn 
Bank for International Settlements-Universidad Carlos III de Madrid-APG
Interest Rate Determination in China: Past, Present and Future
Dong He, Honglin Wang, Xiangrong Yu
A Model of Chinese Capital Account Liberalisation
Dong He, Paul Luk
Learning from a Puzzle: When Can Stronger Labor Protection Improve Productivity?
Lin Ji, Shang-Jin Wei
Tsinghua University-Columbia University
Labor Regulation and Manufacturing Employment in China
John Giles, Albert Park, Yang Du
World Bank-Hong Kong University of Science and Technology-Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Productivity as if Space Mattered: An Application to Factor Markets across China
Wenya Cheng, John Morrow, Kitjawat Tacharoen 
London School of Economics
China’s Economic Transition and the Value of Firms’ Political Connections: A Longitudinal Study of Publicly Listed Firms
Heather A. Haveman, Nan Jia, Jing Shi, Yongxiang Wang 
University of California, Berkeley-University of Southern California-Australian National University
"One Currency, Two Markets" and the Renminbi’s Growing Influence in Asia-Pacific
Chang Shu, Dong He, Xiaoqiang Cheng
Bank for International Settlements-HKMA and HKIMR

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