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On the Eurozone Debt Crisis
On Monetary Policy and Central Banking
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Proceedings from Workshop on “Economic Governance and Organizations”

The Economic Performance of Industrial Foundations
Henry Hansmann
Yale University
Why do cooperatives emerge in a world dominated by corporations?
Christophe Boone & Serden Özcan 
Antwerp-Copenhagen Business School
Nonprofits are not alike: The Role of Catholic and Protestant Affiliation
Lapo Filistrucchi, Jens Prüfer 
Tilburg University
The Emergence of the Corporate Form
Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci, Oscar Gelderblom, Joost Jonker, & Enrico Perotti 
University of Amsterdam-University of Utrecht
Corruption and management practices: Firm level evidence"
Daphne Athanasouli, Antoine Goujard 
Property as Platform: Coordinating Standards for Technological Innovation
Henry Smith
Harvard University
Emotions and Political Unrest
Guido Tabellini
Bocconi University
Leader Punishment and Cooperation in Groups: Experimental Field Evidence from Commons Management in Ethiopia
Michael Kosfeld & Devesh Rustagi 
University of Frankfurt-ETH Zurich
Norms and Law: Putting the Horse Before the Cart
Barak Richman
Duke University
Public-Private Governance, Uncertainty and Longevity Implications: Exploring Water Sector Partnerships in the Developing World
Ilze Kivleniece 
Imperial College
Relational Knowledge Transfer
Luis Garicano 

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