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On Inequality
On the Eurozone Debt Crisis
On Monetary Policy and Central Banking
On Global Economic Growth
On the Greek Debt Crisis
On the Banking and Financial Sectors
On Brexit
On China
On India
On Global Inflation
On Currencies
On the US Debt
On the "Economics" of the Arab Spring
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Proceedings from "XV Workshop in International Economics and Finance"


  • Strategic Complementarity, Fragility, and Regulation (work in progress)

         X. Vives (01/06/2011)


         C. Raddatz and S. Schmuckler* (01/08/2011)


         M. Eslava*, A. Galindo, M. Hofstetter and A. Izquierdo (01/12/2011)


  • Fiscal Discoveries, Stops and Defaults (work in progress)

         L. Catao, A. Fostel and R. Rancière* (15/01/2012)


         G. Dell Ariccia* and L. Ratnovski (01/02/2012)


         M. Azzimonti, E. de Francisco* and V. Quadrini (17/02/2012)


         K. Forbes, M. Fratzser*, T. Kostka and R. Straub (27/04/2012)


         A. Costinot*, G. Lorenzoni and I. Werning (01/06/2012)


         E. Farhi and I. Werning* (01/06/2012)


         I. Livshits* and K. Schoors (01/06/2012)


         G. L. Kaminsky and P. Vega-García* (01/06/2012)


         E. Mengus (17/06/2012)


         S. Schmitt-Grohé* and M. Uribe (18/06/2012)


         G. Calvo (24/06/2012)


         F. Brutti* and P. Sauré (27/06/2012)

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