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Retirement Ages More Golden for Some

From Mercer:

No matter where they reside, workers toil and save for years with an eye on their retirement eligibility dates. Geography does play a role, however, in determining at what age employees can take a permanent break from their jobs. And sometimes gender, industry, and years of service also factor in determining how long until that golden date arrives. Mercer’s latest Worldwide Benefit and Employment Guidelines offers a look into normal retirement ages and requirements, and uncovers other areas of economic and human resources issues that affect talent management across the globe.

“Whether they operate in two countries or more than 20, multinational organizations are facing increasingly complex and distinct rules, regulations, and common practices that can have a substantial impact on operations,” said Samantha Polovina, the Mercer Principal responsible for the report. “For example, a company envisioning a particular market for its experienced and ample supply of talent would want to know that workers could — and likely will — retire in their 50s.

“In a bordering country,” she added, “this same company could face a retirement age nearly 15 years older, which would introduce a different set of talent issues.”


Take a look at issues affecting benefits and rewards worldwide.

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