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On Russia

Russia: Seems Like Old Times by Menzie Chinn
Wed, 2014-12-17 19:27

The Russian Economy Is Heading toward Disaster by Anders Aslund
Wed, 2014-12-17 19:33
Putin’s regime appears to have entered a squirrel’s wheel.

Lessons from the Ruble’s Dive by Robert Kahn
Thu, 2014-12-18 00:13

It is unlikely that the ruble troubles will spur meaningful domestic reforms in Russia; instead, the focus will be on trying to bolster the ruble through intervention in foreign exchange markets and tight monetary policy, supporting economic activity through fiscal stimulus measures, and limiting capital flight


Running From the Ruble by Sergei Guriev
Thu, 2014-12-18 00:24

The cause of Russia’s “Black Monday” was readily apparent: the government bailout of state-owned Rosneft, the country’s largest oil company. Usually, bailouts calm markets; but this one recalled early post-Soviet experiments, when the Central Bank of Russia issued direct loans to enterprises – invariably fueling higher inflation.

Russian Inflation: Hot, but Hardly a Meltdown, yet... by Constantin Gurdgiev
Thu, 2014-12-18 00:31

Truth is, Russia is accustomed to inflation at 7% - whether it is a positive marker or not, it is simply a fact - so 9% is a bit less of a drama than one might expect.

Dutch Disease and Sustainability of the Russian Political Economy (ECB) 
Thu, 2014-12-04 00:44

author Author(s): Giovanni Covi
date Date: November 23, 2014
Monetary Policy in Russia: Recent Challenges and Changes (BIS) 
Thu, 2014-12-18 00:47

author Author(s): Bank of Russia
date Date: August 1, 2014
Putin’s European Fifth Column by Yuriy Gorodnichenko, Gérard Roland, Edward W. Walker
Tue, 2015-02-17 14:57

If the world should have learned one thing from the recent months of tensions between Russia and the West, it is that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s strategic ambition and skill should never be underestimated. It is in this light that the West should view Putin’s recent overtures to some within the European Union.

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