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Unemployment in the EU

From IIEA:

Europe's financial and sovereign debt troubles are extremely serious but tackling its unemployment problems must remain a top priority for all of its policymakers, not just those in hard-hit 'peripheral' states. Eurostat, the official statistics body of the European Union, today published its latest unemployment figures. They show that unemployment in the Euro Area remained at 10% in July 2011, with a slightly better average of 9.5% across the European Union as a whole.

As part of the IIEA's E View project, which is examining a number of European economic policies aimed at driving the recovery and mobilising new sources of growth, we are pleased to present a new policy report by economist Barra Roantree. 'Unemployment in the European Union' provides an overview of recent trends, analyses the existing European policy framework, investigates some national responses and reviews relevant academic literature. It provides an excellent resource for those keen to understand the dimensions of Europe's unemployment problem and the type of measures that will do most to tackle it.

Download the report here.

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