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WorkingPapers - Dec 2014

Non-financial corporations from emerging market economies and capital flows (BIS) 
Mon, 2014-12-08 20:00

author Author(s): Stefan Avdjiev, Michael Chui and Hyun Song Shin
date Date: December 7, 2014
Capital Flow Management when Capital Controls Leak (University of Montreal-University of Wisconsin) 
Mon, 2014-12-08 22:47

author Author(s): Julien Bengui, Javier Bianchi
date Date: June 1, 2014
Securitisations: tranching concentrates uncertainty (BIS) 
Mon, 2014-12-08 23:08

author Author(s): Adonis Antoniades, Nikola Tarashev
date Date: December 7, 2014
Political Language in Economics (New York University-Columbia University) 
Tue, 2014-12-09 13:25

author Author(s): Zubin Jelveh, Bruce Kogut, and Suresh Naidu
date Date: December 2, 2014
Views among Economists: Professional Consensus or Point-Counterpoint? (University of California San Diego) 
Tue, 2014-12-09 16:26

author Author(s):  Roger Gordon and Gordon B. Dahl
date Date: January 1, 2013
Does Culture Matter for Development? (World Bank) 
Wed, 2014-12-10 01:25

author Author(s): Augusto Lopez, Claros Valeria Perotti
date Date: November 1, 2014
Understanding the Challenges for Infrastructure Finance (BIS) 
Tue, 2014-12-16 23:20

author Author(s): Torsten Ehlers
date Date: August 1, 2014

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