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WorkingPapers - Jan 2017

Depression for Economists ( Stockholm University - Princeton University) 
Thu, 2017-01-05 00:26

author Author(s): Jonathan de Quidt, Johannes Haushofer
date Date: December 1, 2016
The Race Between Machine and Man: Implications of Technology for Growth, Factor Shares and Employment (MIT) 
Thu, 2017-01-05 00:31

author Author(s): Daron Acemoglu, Pascual Restrepo
date Date: April 1, 2016
Local Labor Markets and Criminal Recidivism (Harvard University) 
Thu, 2017-01-05 00:35

author Author(s): Crystal S. Yang
date Date: December 1, 2016
Concentrating on the Fall of the Labor Share (MIT - University of Zurich - Harvard University) 
Thu, 2017-01-05 00:43

author Author(s): David Autor, David Dorn, Lawrence Katz, Christina Patterson, John Van Reenen,
date Date: December 1, 2016
Economics in the 21st Century (University of Manitoba) 
Mon, 2017-01-09 22:05

author Author(s): Robert Chernomas, Ian Hudson
date Date: January 1, 2017
The Specter of Ignorance in Economic Theory and Practice: An Introduction to the Issues (University of Denver) 
Wed, 2017-01-11 00:59

author Author(s): George DeMartino
date Date: January 1, 2017
Is Economics Research Replicable? Sixty Published Papers From Thirteen Journals Say “Usually Not” (Federal Reserve Board - Office of the Comptroller of the Currency) 
Wed, 2017-01-11 01:18

author Author(s): Andrew C. Chang , Phillip Li
date Date: December 10, 2015
Testing part of a DSGE model by Indirect Inference (Cardiff University) 
Tue, 2017-01-17 09:33

author Author(s): Patrick Minford, Michael Wickens and Yongdeng Xu
date Date: November 1, 2016
The Aino 2.0 Model (Bank of Finland) 
Tue, 2017-01-17 10:06

author Author(s): Juha Kilponen, Seppo Orjasniemi, Antti Ripatti, Fabio Verona
date Date: May 1, 2016
Immigration and the Macroeconomy: Some New Empirical Evidence (Norges Bank) 
Tue, 2017-01-24 00:13

author Author(s): Francesco Furlanetto, Ørjan Robstad
date Date: November 1, 2016
How do rigid labor markets absorb immigration? Evidence from France (CEPII) 
Tue, 2017-01-24 01:06

author Author(s): Anthony Edo
date Date: April 13, 2016
Estimates of the Trade and Welfare Effects of NAFTA (Yale University - Federal Reserve Board) 
Mon, 2017-01-30 21:37

author Author(s): Lorenzo Caliendo, Fernando Parro
date Date: July 24, 2014
Looking for Local Labor Market Effects of NAFTA (University of Virginia - Fordham University) 
Mon, 2017-01-30 21:43

author Author(s): John McLaren, Shushanik Hakobyan
date Date: June 19, 2015
The Impact of Trade Agreements: New Approach, New Insights (IMF) 
Tue, 2017-01-31 00:08

author Author(s): Swarnali Ahmed
date Date: June 1, 2016

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