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Blogs - Nov 2015

When Financial Markets Misread Politics by Dani Rodrik
Wed, 2015-11-11 00:01

When Turkey’s ruling AKP regained a parliamentary majority in the country’s general election on November 1, financial markets cheered. The same short-term focus and herd behavior that often lead financial markets to neglect more significant economic fundamentals can also distort markets’ judgment of countries' political prospects.

The Decline of the West Revisited by Robert Skidelsky
Tue, 2015-11-17 00:04

The terrorist slaughter in Paris once again brings into sharp relief the storm clouds gathering over the twenty-first century. Given the dangers we see almost daily, it is worth pondering what we may be in for.

What makes a terrorist? by Alan B. Krueger
Tue, 2015-11-17 07:00
To economists, criminals are people with a low opportunity cost and few legitimate opportunities. Terrorism is different. Terrorists and their organisations seek to make a political statement; terrorists arise when there are severe political grievances with no alternatives for pursing those grievances.

Age composition change accounts for about half of the Case and Deaton mortality finding by Philip N. Cohen
Wed, 2015-11-18 06:55

Correcting statistical biases in “Rising morbidity and mortality in midlife among white non-Hispanic Americans in the 21st century”: We need to adjust for the increase in average age of people in the 45-54 category by Andrew Gelman
Wed, 2015-11-18 07:06

Gelman vs. Case-Deaton: academics vs. blogs, again by Noah Smith
Wed, 2015-11-18 07:13

Case-Deaton and the human capital debate by Noah Smith
Wed, 2015-11-18 07:40

Worker Protection in the Gig Economy by Laura Tyson, Lenny Mendoca
Mon, 2015-11-30 22:20

Digital platforms are transforming how labor markets operate and revolutionizing the nature of work. In many ways, this is a positive development, but it is also undermining the traditional employer-employee relationships that have been the primary channel through which worker benefits and protections have been provided.

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