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Blogs - May 2016

How blockchain could change the financial system by Peter Olson and David Wessel
Tue, 2016-05-03 00:38

Financial risks and opportunities in the time of climate change by Dirk Schoenmaker and Rens van Tilburg
Wed, 2016-05-11 06:38
The current unsustainable use of our environment can lead to financial crisis. To address this risk, financial institutions should measure their exposure to ecological imbalances using methodologies such as carbon and natural capital accounting.

Fairness and Free Trade by Dani Rodrik
Tue, 2016-05-17 07:01
This year, the US and the EU must decide whether they will begin to treat China as a “market economy” in their trade policies. Unfortunately, even as the debate intensifies, the terms of the choice ensure that nothing will be done to address the world trade regime's deeper flaws.

Is Globalization Really Fueling Populism? by Daniel Gros
Tue, 2016-05-17 07:17

The prevailing explanation for the surge of populism in Europe and the US is that the "losers of globalization" are rebelling against the establishment that embraced trade liberalization. But the available data do not bear this out.

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