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Books be e-axes - Aug 2012

"The Quest for Prosperity: How Developing Economies Can Take Off" by Justin Yifu Lin
Tue, 2012-08-28 18:31   -   (0) comments

"In this masterpiece, Justin Yifu Lin weaves together 250 years of economic thought with his own wisdom acquired during China's economic rise. He dares to envision the end of world poverty and spells out----thoughtfully, sensibly, and pragmatically--how this can be accomplished. It is impossible for an economist to write a better, or a more important, book."--George A. Akerlof, Nobel Laureate in Economics

"Fiscal Therapy: A Rehab Program for America's Addiction to Debt" by William G. Gale
Tue, 2012-08-28 19:10   -   (0) comments

Fiscal Therapy is an antidote to the demagoguery and half-truths.

"Government Policies and the Delayed Economic Recovery" by John B. Taylor, Lee E. Ohanian, Ian J. Wright
Thu, 2012-08-30 14:47   -   (0) comments

The recovery from the recession of 2007–9 has been the weakest in American history. Employment growth has been especially weak: three years after the recovery began, a smaller percentage of the working-age population was employed than when it began. The slow recovery raises fundamental economic and public policy questions: What has been the cause? What can be done to restore robust economic growth? Can a slow-growth America lead the world?

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