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Books be e-axes - Sep 2014

Why Gender Matters in Economics
Wed, 2014-09-03 22:59

“This thoughtful, energetic, creative, and engaging book does a terrific job reviewing and explaining some of the most interesting economic research on gender in recent years. It fills an important gap in the gender and economics literature.”—Nancy Folbre, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

author Author(s): Mukesh Eswaran   
publisher Publisher:  Princeton University Press    
The Concrete Euro
Wed, 2014-09-03 23:10

"These four papers by six ECB economists provide the most systematic and detailed look at how the European Central Bank has implemented its monetary policy, both during the all-too-short "normal" times of the Bank's initial years and then during the 2008-10 crisis period. The analysis is clear and elegant, and the empirical work provides useful insights as well. Anyone seriously interested in how monetary policy is actually carried out - either by the ECB or by other central banks - will want to read these papers. " - Benjamin M. Friedman, Harvard University

author Author(s): Paul Mercier and Francesco Papadia   
publisher Publisher:  Oxford University Press    
Economic Elites, Crises, and Democracy Alternatives Beyond Neoliberal Capitalism
Wed, 2014-09-03 23:18

Andres Solimano in this book presents updated data on rich economic elites and the middle class, demystifies the meaning of individual entrepreneurship in corporate capitalism, uncovers rich stories of past and present financial crises, and warns of the growing internationalization of the very rich and of social movements.

author Author(s): Andres Solimano   
publisher Publisher:  Oxford University Press    
The Arrow Impossibility Theorem
Wed, 2014-09-03 23:29

"The pioneers of social choice theory give us lively, enjoyable, and stimulating lectures and exchanges of ideas. Their views, more than sixty years after the publication of Kenneth J. Arrow’s theorem, are of paramount interest to anyone aware of the difficulties of collective decisions." — Marc Fleurbaey, Princeton University


author Author(s): Eric Maskin and Amartya Sen   
publisher Publisher:  Columbia University Press    
Speculation, Trading, and Bubbles
Wed, 2014-09-03 23:34

"José A. Scheinkman creates a fascinating model of bubbles fueled by differences in traders' beliefs. His analysis of traders' incentives to increase supplies in response to bubbles is full of implications about when to regulate derivatives and when to stand aside. Scheinkman's book is a masterpiece of theory and policy analysis, a fitting tribute to Kenneth J. Arrow." — Thomas J. Sargent, New York University


author Author(s): José A. Scheinkman   
publisher Publisher:  Columbia University Press    
Risk Topography- Systemic Risk and Macro Modeling
Wed, 2014-09-03 23:58

Markus Brunnermeier and Arvind Krishnamurthy have assembled contributions from leading academic researchers, central bankers, and other financial-market experts to explore the possibilities for advancing macroeconomic modeling in order to achieve more accurate economic measurement. Essays in this volume focus on the development of models capable of highlighting the vulnerabilities that leave the economy susceptible to adverse feedback loops and liquidity spirals. 

author Author(s): Markus Brunnermeier and Arvind Krishnamurthy   
publisher Publisher:  University of Chicago Press    
Ruling Capital-Emerging Markets and the Reregulation of Cross-Border Finance
Thu, 2014-09-04 00:08

Ruling Capital is a very good book that makes important contributions to the study of global finance. Kevin P. Gallagher's claims that the theory and practice of capital controls have been transformed are compelling and invite engagement."—Rawi Abdelal, Harvard University


author Author(s): Kevin P. Gallagher   
publisher Publisher:  Cornell University Press    
Banking, Monetary Policy And The Political Economy of Financial Regulation
Thu, 2014-09-04 00:19

Written in the tradition of D’Arista, the essays in this important collection point the way toward overcoming the recurrent financial disorders of our gilded age. Like Jane D’Arista’s work, this timely volume demands the attention of both policy experts and the politicians who must do the reconstruction.


author Author(s): Gerald A. Epstein , Tom Schlesinger , Matías Vernengo   
publisher Publisher:  Edward Elgar Publishing    
Keynes Useful Economics for the World Economy
Thu, 2014-09-18 22:23

“This is the Keynesian story told in real time as Keynes tried to persuade policy makers during the decades between 1919 and 1945. It brings Keynesian thinking alive, and explores how similar today’s problems are to those experienced between the wars. Lucidly written for students but also a fascinating exploration of a revolution in economic thought.” —Simon Wren-Lewis, University of Oxford

author Author(s): Peter Temin and David Vines   
publisher Publisher:  MIT Press    
Treatise on Money
Thu, 2014-09-18 22:50

Morten Balling, professor at Aarhus University gives a detailed review of the most recent translation of the "Treatise on Money" and explains why Schumpeter's deep understanding of the interplay between money, finance and politics will make for a very interesting read.

author Author(s): Joseph Schumpeter   
publisher Publisher:  Wordbridge Publishing    
The Silent Sex: Gender, Deliberation, and Institutions
Tue, 2014-09-23 15:16

The Silent Sex explores the gender imbalance in deliberative participation, a pervasive problem in politics and social interaction. Karpowitz and Mendelberg bring together an unusually rich combination of clear theorizing, deep background in several social science disciplines, convincing empirical research, and thought-provoking policy recommendations."--Nannerl O. Keohane, former president of Duke University and Wellesley College

author Author(s): Christopher F. Karpowitz & Tali Mendelberg   
publisher Publisher:  Princeton University Press    

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