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Books be e-axes - Sep 2015

Currency Power: Understanding Monetary Rivalry
Wed, 2015-09-16 21:27

"It is widely believed that we are moving away from a dollar-dominated global monetary system, just as we are moving away from a US-dominated global economy. But the consequences—for economics, finance, and geopolitics—remain unclear. No one is better qualified than Benjamin Cohen, the dean of international political economists, to make sense of these issues. In Currency Power, he succeeds in doing just that."--Barry Eichengreen, University of California, Berkeley


author Author(s): Benjamin J. Cohen   
publisher Publisher:  Princeton University Press    
Economics Rules: The Rights and wrongs of the dismal science
Wed, 2015-09-16 23:11

“Economics Rules, by one of the world's truly great economists, describes in fascinating and incredibly well-written detail what it means to be an economist. In so doing it explains why, and when, economists often get it right, but also why they also frequently go astray.” — George Akerlof, Nobel laureate in economics

author Author(s): Dani Rodrik   
publisher Publisher:  W.W Norton & Co    
Wealth, Poverty and Politics An International Perspective
Thu, 2015-09-17 05:40
From the eminent conservative intellectual and bestselling Basic author, a book that rejects the reigning liberal narrative to reveal the truth about the most pressing issue of our day: income inequality

author Author(s): Thomas Sowell   
publisher Publisher:  Basic books    
Demanding Devaluation Exchange Rate Politics in the Developing World
Thu, 2015-09-17 06:07

"Why does China maintain an artificially weak currency whereas Argentina and Mexico have historically maintained overvalued currencies? In Demanding Devaluation, David Steinberg offers an analytical framework centered on the preferences of manufacturers, the rights of workers, and the extent of state control over the financial system. This excellent book—with its compelling quantitative tests and in-depth case studies—will quickly become an essential read in the field of exchange rate politics."—David Andrew Singer, MIT


author Author(s): David A. Steinberg   
publisher Publisher:  Cornell University Press    
Trade and Inequality
Thu, 2015-09-17 06:16
This volume brings together the most influential theoretical and empirical contributions to the topic of trade and inequality from recent years. Segregating it into four key areas, the collection forms a comprehensive study of the subject

author Author(s): Pinelopi K. Goldberg   
publisher Publisher:  Edward Edgar publishing    

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