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Books be e-axes - Aug 2016

Sweet Talk - Paternalism and Collective Action in North-South Trade Relations
Thu, 2016-08-18 07:54

"Singh offers a fascinating explanation for the Global North's failure to offer reciprocal trade concessions to the developing world. Trade negotiations have been imbued with deeply paternalistic, and sometimes racist discourse masquerading as 'fairness.' This riveting analysis shows the pernicious effects that culture clashes can have on the wellbeing of billions." — B. Peter Rosendorff, New York University

author Author(s): J. P. Singh   
publisher Publisher:  Stanford University Press    
Complexity and Evolution
Thu, 2016-08-18 07:59

“Complexity and Evolution provides a map of the path less followed by economics over the past fifty years—a path of complex, emergent behavior, and multiple evolutionary equilibria. This path holds great promise when making sense of our often jumbled economic and financial world.” -- Andrew G. Haldane, Chief Economist, Bank of England

author Author(s):  David S. Wilson and Alan Kirman   
publisher Publisher:  MIT Press    
The Curse of Cash
Thu, 2016-08-18 08:03

"A fascinating and important book. Kenneth Rogoff sets out a compelling and wide-ranging argument for weaning our economies off paper money."--Ben S. Bernanke, former chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve


author Author(s): Kenneth Rogoff   
publisher Publisher:  Princeton University Press    
Macroeconomic Performance in a Globalising Economy
Thu, 2016-08-18 08:34

Improves understanding of the pace and changing characteristics of globalisation and the channels through which it affects advanced economies such as the euro area

Contains detailed analyses and empirical evidence on the effects of globalisation on product and labour market performance with important lessons for policy makers

author Author(s): Robert Anderton, and Geoff Kenny   
publisher Publisher:  Cambridge University Press    

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