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Books suggested by members

Books suggested by members - Dec 2015

Thu, 2015-12-10 01:38

"Strained Relations is simultaneously a detailed history of American foreign-exchange intervention, an evaluation of the policy's effectiveness, and a broader treatise on the relationship between monetary and exchange-rate policy. . . . This is a valuable book for those interested in American monetary and exchange-rate policy in the twentieth century. It will be used by scholars for years to come." --Journal of Economic Literature

author Author(s): Michael D. Bordo, Owen F. Humpage, and Anna J. Schwartz   
publisher Publisher:  University of Chicago Press    
Bayesian Estimation of DSGE Models
Thu, 2015-12-10 01:45

"This book depicts valuable and revealing methods for solving, estimating, and analyzing a class of dynamic equilibrium models of the macroeconomy. It describes formally tractable techniques for the study of macroeconomic models that feature transition mechanisms for a large number of underlying shocks. Both authors have played important roles in developing and applying these techniques. This is a terrific resource for how to use these methods in practice."--Lars Peter Hansen, University of Chicago

author Author(s): Edward P. Herbst & Frank Schorfheide   
publisher Publisher:  Princeton University Press    
Thirty Years of Economic Policy
Thu, 2015-12-10 01:57

This book brings together key articles from Economic Policy and includes contributions from leading economists

author Author(s): Charles Wyplosz   
publisher Publisher:  Oxford University Press    
Green Capital - A New Perspective on Growth
Thu, 2015-12-10 07:47

"Green Capital takes us on a salutary journey through biodiversity, water shortages, the energy transition, and much more to stress the importance of 'natural capital.' The book provides an accessible discussion of the economic value of the environment and of the tragedy of the commons, and it explains why, despite our reluctance to employ them, price signals are necessary to create the right incentives. A call for greater environmental awareness and more common sense, Green Capital is a must-read for all those interested in environmental policy issues." — Jean Tirole, Toulouse School of Economics


author Author(s): Christian de Perthuis and Pierre-André Jouvet   
publisher Publisher:  Cambridge University Press    
Inequality and Economic Policy: Essays in Memory of Gary Becker
Thu, 2015-12-10 08:04

"..eleven top economists presenting their research, explaining their views, reacting to each other, and answering tough questions." -- John Taylor, Stanford University

author Author(s): Tom Church, Chris Miller, John B. Taylor    
publisher Publisher:  Hoover Press    
The Great Surge - The Ascent of the Developing World
Thu, 2015-12-10 08:15

“Powerful, lucid, and revelatory, The Great Surge makes a vital argument and offers indispensable prescriptions about sustaining global economic progress into the future.” George Soros


author Author(s): Steven Radelet   
publisher Publisher:  Simon & Schuster    
The Great Financial Plumbing From Northern Rock to Banking Union
Tue, 2015-12-15 14:02

"As a contribution to the effort to evaluate and take stock of recently-passed legislation in order to identify and address future issues in European financial regulation, this book is a welcome body of work and a very useful background document." -- Danuta Hübner, Member of the European Parliament

author Author(s): Karel Lannoo   
publisher Publisher:  Rowman & Littlefield International    
China's Economic Rise and Its Global Impact
Tue, 2015-12-15 14:34

"Some books on China might concentrate or focus more on ideology rather than on the policy formulating mechanism in a more neutral way. This book is one of the few by westerners that looks at China from a more objective perspective, away from the pure politic ideology." – Qian Jin, Former Vice-President, Xihua University, China

author Author(s): Ken Moak, Miles W.N. Lee   
publisher Publisher:  Palgrave - MacMillan    

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